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Πολιτική κατά των αντιπερισπασμών
Redken is Serious About Stopping Diversion!

Redken products are available exclusively in fine salons. This philosophy of limited distribution is based on the belief that only trained and licensed professional stylists can prescribe the best products for use in the salon or at home. Therefore, Redken products are sold to salons through contracted distribution channels.

In order to protect Redken salons and to ensure that consumers only receive the highest quality Redken products appropriate for their specific hair needs, Redken continues in its commitment to aggressively implement an anti-diversion policy.

This is what you should know about what's happening to stop diversion of Redken salon professional products:

A former FBI agent developed the strategies and oversees the implementation procedures of Redken's anti-diversion program. Results: National surveys of drugstores and other retail outlets indicate that diversion of Redken products has been reduced effectively since last year.

Procedures/Policies 1. Exclusive product coding is used to track the movement of Redken haircare and styling products. This is the method for tracing products to industry diverters. Primary Coding of salon products and selective, follow-up audits of distributorships have effectively revealed violators. Our Secondary Coding helps identify those salons suspected of diversion.

2. Redken representatives undertake regular shelf sweeps, at unauthorised retail outlets in the U.K. and certain foreign countries. These products are subsequently decoded in a concerted effort to identify diverters.

3. Ongoing intelligence procedures are in place to further uncover diversion schemes, including those involving stores and misuse of the Internet.

4. Redken's Diversion Inspection Staff (D.I.S.) audit suspected distributor operations.

5. Diversion information can be communicated to Redken's Sales Staff or to the Security Department by calling the Redken Hotline at 1-800-503-3997 or by e-mailing us at NEED TO BE AMENDED )

6. You can help stop diversion! Redken offers monetary rewards for specific, supportable information leading to the identification and sanction of diverters of Redken products.